About the SIG

The Lone Writer Special Interest Group (SIG) works to provide an avenue of professional education and support to writers who are the sole technical writer for their organization. Launched initially to provide professional resources and a supportive fellowship for writers who are the sole technical writer for their organization, the Lone Writer SIG has evolved into a vibrant community that welcomes all technical writers looking for camaraderie and lively exchanges of ideas. The SIG particularly flourished during the ten years it was managed by Shari Scott Gray, who won STC’s Distinguished SIG Service Award in 2009 for her decade of leadership. The SIG has approximately 350 members. While lone writers are still the majority of our membership, we have dozens of members who work in small documentation groups (less than five members). We also have members who, though having moved from lone writer shops into larger documentation organizations, have steadfastly retained their Lone Writer SIG memberships because of the camaraderie they have with their fellow members. Lone writers aren’t merely jacks-of-all trades, although that is an unofficial bullet point on our job descriptions. We’re creative and self-reliant professional writers who have learned how to churn out quality work in all manner of conditions: no help, a little help, a lot of help; no money, a little money, a lot of money; less-than-ideal tools and the tools a lot of folks would sell their souls to be able to work with. We write for print, online, multimedia, mobile, and more—sometimes, all of the above. We work as staff employees, contractors, or consultants. Between current and past experience, we’ve got most industries covered, including some that would surprise you. In our midst, we have pros in documentation, web design, single-sourcing, XML, DITA, wiki development, content management, graphics, desktop publishing, animation and video, usability, marketing, public relations, and much more—so very much more. The SIG offers several resources for its members, including a supportive email list community, a blog, and more. For a detailed list of what we offer, please see Resources for SIG Members.