We have a number of resources available to help support our members, many of whom lack resources and feedback in their workplace.

Main Email List

Our main email list is the primary way our SIG members communicate with each other. Because of opt-in guidelines within the STC, joining the SIG does not automatically subscribe you to the list. Some SIG members want to be part of the main mailing list community, others do not; either way, it is entirely at the members’ discretion. You can complete all administrative tasks for the main email list (subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.) through email or through the list’s web interface (most members seem to prefer the email commands and, as of late, they’ve been the most reliable). Access to the web interface, and information about using email commands to manage your subscriptions, is available in the password-protected members-only area of our website. (To log in, you use the same user ID and password that you use to enter the members-only area of the main STC website.) We look forward to hearing from you on the list. Please feel free to dive right into the conversation if something strikes a chord with you. Some new members lurk for a little while, some jump right in—all are warmly welcomed whenever they decide to join in.

Off-Topic Email List

The off-topic email list is for the off-topic posts that lone writers want to share, but don’t want to post to the main mailing list. Note that this is not an STC-sponsored list. Information about subscribing to this group is available in the password-protected members-only area of our website.

Members-Only Web Resources

The members-only area of our website requires the same user ID and password that you use to log into the members-only area of the main STC website. There is a growing archive of member pages, back issues of our newsletter, Solitary Scrivener, a photo gallery, and more.


We launched a SIG blog in February 2009, effectively relaunching Solitary Scrivener in a new capacity. Through widgets on the blog, you can subscribe via RSS or email.

LinkedIn Group

In spring 2008, we opened the Lone Writers (STC) group on LinkedIn. The Discussion Board has heretofore been underused (because of the members’ reliance on the main email list), but the LinkedIn group and the views it provides to member profiles does give folks a chance to see what everyone is doing, or has done, professionally. By member preference, this group is open only to SIG members.