Digest Tips

Some of our members have come up with solutions to stop you tearing your hair out when trying to read past the HTML code that surrounds digest messages in some email browsers. Give them a try!

Solution A

(Submitted by Ann Wiley)
  • Save the digest as a .txt file.
  • Open the file in MS Word.
  • Search for the string “X-Message-Number:” and Replace all instances with “X-Message-Number:” formatted as Heading 1.
  • View the Document Map and click each heading to read each message. Read only the first message at each heading. The rest is footers, untrimmed messages, and HTML code.
Bonnie Yelverton modified Ann’s suggestion a little and came up with this:
  • Copy the entire message and paste it directly into Word.
  • Find “X-Message-Number:” and format it as Heading 1, repeat to the end.
  • View the document using the Document Map, clicking on each X-Message-Number and reading the first part of the message.

Solution B

(Submitted by Janet Swisher) I use a handy shareware utility called Digester’s Reader, written by tech writer David Castro. Digests may be old tech, but they help me manage my time. If I got this and other lists undigested, it would be way too tempting to read messages as they trickle in throughout the day. With digests, I only get one message from each list per day, and with Digester’s Reader, I can easily skip threads that don’t interest me.