Editor’s Toolbox

A long time ago, on the old TESIG website, we compiled a list of editing resources. To see it, go here.

We are working on an updated list; if you have any suggestions, please contact the TESIG at  sigleaders@stc-techedit.org.

The May/June 2023 issue of Intercom (guest edited by Kelly Schrank) includes articles that span both the past and present state of technical editing from a variety of perspectives.

In this issue, you can learn about the skillsets of technical editing, what technical editors do in their day-to-day work, what technologies and trends have influenced the field, as well as what the current state of technical editing is like.

Note: If you’re an STC member, you should be able to read all of the articles when you log in. If you are not yet an STC member, you can access the “unlocked” article only.