Student Outreach

One of the goals of the STC Technical Editing SIG (TESIG) is to help technical editing students get more involved in the field. We want to hear some new, fresh voices, especially from those who are studying the subject or just starting out.  It’s important to us to discuss the needs, dreams, and issues of the next generation of technical editing practitioners.

The TESIG provides the following services that are of interest to students:

  • Corrigo, the official publication of the TESIG (, publishes articles about subjects technical editing practitioners find interesting, for example:
    • Stories about how applying technical editing skills increases reader satisfaction
    • Links to sites you might find helpful in your job
    • Tips about how to balance quality and deadlines
  • The Newbies’ Corner feature in Corrigo provides a platform for students and those just starting out in the profession to write about subjects that interest them in particular.
  • TESIG quarterly webinars are given by members with professional technical editing backgrounds who share their knowledge and expertise.
  • Monthly virtual chat meetings for students and experienced technical editing practitioners to discuss editing challenges, as well as share helpful resources, editing tactics and tips, career advice about finding internships/jobs, and so on.
  • The TESIG LinkedIn page ( provides a discussion forum for technical editors to ask questions and get answers.

But we need your help to do this!

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